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1 December 2016

DataEQ adds Linkedin and Youtube to their data sources

LinkedIn, YouTube and visualisations for conversation themes

While social media dialogue often forms the basis of sentiment analysis campaigns – people share their thoughts about everything from politics to products, economics and more online, a fact that allows for real-time analysis of shifts in public sentiment around key issues – all text is inherently minable.

Today we are able to mine the world of online opinion and use the following data sources to do so.

  • Social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, VK.com and blogs.

  • LinkedIn - Track engagement with your company’s content by authorising your profile in DataEQ.

  • YouTube - Through DataEQ, you are able to track owned YouTube channels, or search for keyword matches across YouTube videos and authors.

  • Additional sources - Our platform is able to track any site with an RSS feed.

  • Optional - Proprietary data such as surveys, call center data provided as digitised text, etc.

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