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12 June 2017

DataEQ partners with FCSA for UAE tolerance study

Sentiment study looks at impact of tolerance study

Using opinion mining techniques, DataEQ have completed the first tolerance study conducted in the UAE for the Minister of Tolerance in partnership with the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority.

Project Background

The study focused primarily on tolerance, social media user’s opinion of the minister’s announcements, activities and news shared on the minister’s official social media profiles.

“Because of fake news, orchestrated and agenda-driven social engineering, many policy makers around the world are struggling to understand and collect accurate information and sentiment about their constituents. As decision makers, we have a grand responsibility to make sure we rely on accurate and effective scientific methods to have a better understanding of what really matters to the people” - Sheikha Lubna Minister of State for Tolerance in the UAE

To find the full study, click HERE

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