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Webinar: UK Fashion ESG Presentation img

Webinar: UK Fashion ESG Index Presentation

Date: 28 September 2023

Time: 12.00pm (BST)

Overview of research to be presented

Looking to explore the world of fashion through the lens of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards?

The UK Fashion ESG Webinar, presented by DataEQ in collaboration with Relativ, is here to offer critical insights into how consumers truly feel about the UK’s leading fashion brands and their sustainability initiatives.

From Burberry topping the Net Sentiment ranking, to Primark having the highest share of ESG conversation, this event will unveil the strategic insights and implications gathered through an analysis of over 1.8 million social media posts.


  • Which retailers are leading the way according to consumers and who is lagging behind?
  • How is social media shaping brand perception in the fashion industry?
  • What were the main ESG topics driving social media sentiment over the past three years?
  • How do different fashion brands’ sustainability campaigns compare?

Who is this Webinar for?

  • Fashion Brand Managers and Marketers: Understand how ESG considerations are impacting brand perception and consumer behaviour.
  • Sustainability Professionals: Gain insights into the most cited ESG factors and discover how to navigate the negative impacts of fast fashion.
  • Investors and Analysts: Evaluate the sustainability campaigns and assess ESG risks among leading fashion retailers.
  • Fashion Enthusiasts and Consumers: Learn about your favourite brands’ commitments to sustainability to make informed choices.

The Speakers

  • Melanie Malherbe – Managing Director of DataEQ

Prior to joining the DataEQ team in 2015, Melanie worked in various positions across the technology and data sectors. This experience, combined with Malherbe’s passion for understanding businesses and an interest in innovative technologies, has played a key role in developing DataEQ into the market leading business that it is today.

  • Jamie Botha – Head of Partnerships for the UK and Middle Eastern region for DataEQ

With over 15 years’ experience at PwC and other consultancies, Jamie has worked alongside various clients in the financial services sector – including regulators, insurers, and banks – in utilising unstructured data to manage regulatory compliance.

  • Duncan Parker – Managing Director of Ethical Goods

Duncan has a unique academic and professional background in International Development within the third sector and the commercial world. Duncan’s previous roles include field work in Africa, Americas and Asia, being the International Development Director for The Salvation Army (UK), Managing Director for an African Agricultural investment fund and running his own consultancy.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to delve into the ESG landscape surrounding the fashion industry.

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