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17 June 2016

DataEQ – Social Listening and ORM

DataEQ is a global social analytics / media company. Through our integrated software and unique crowd driven approach we are able to effectively monitor and analyse social conversations in real-time, helping you manage your online reputation.

As a truly global Online Reputation Management tool we monitor what, when and why they are saying it. We believe in providing accurate insights which lead to better decisions through real-time social media monitoring and analytics capabilities.

DataEQ was born out of a unique crowd driven ORM tool and has evolved into a fully integrated media monitoring intelligence platform. Through our app users can analyse and monitor traditional and online media alongside each other from one centralised platform.

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By combining human intuition, the Crowd, and machine processing, we reach social accuracy levels of up to 97%, outperforming machine learning algorithms which struggle to cope with sarcasm, slang, vernacular and foreign languages. Accurate social monitoring combined with comprehensive traditional and broadcast data allows us to provide users with a 360 degree view of their brand data.

In a world where online reputation matters more than ever, it is business critical to have a social listening partner that understands your business. Leading up to one of the biggest political decisions of our generation, DataEQ monitored social sentiment leading up to Britain’s decision whether to stay or leave the EU.

Despite numerous global traditional and social polls pointing away from Brexit, through effective social listening we were able to predict the outcome. For the full Brexit story click here

British social media in favour of leaving the EU Interesting insights into referendum decision based on UK conversations on Twitter from the past week

JP Kloppers on SABC news explains how DataEQ predicted the outcome of Brexit

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