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South African Digital Sentiment Index img

South African Digital Sentiment Index


  • Key metrics:

  • 3:1

    Digital channels had three times more conversation than traditional channels

  • 13.6%

    Best digital experience: Banking

  • -27.2%

    Worst digital experience: Retail

Between 2019 and 2023, conversation on social media relating to digital offerings saw a 29% rise in volume among South African consumers. Sweeping across the country, the rapid uptake of digital products and services is redefining not only businesses but also the way South Africans connect, transact, and communicate.

To better understand this digital revolution, DataEQ tracked over 5.5 million social media posts about the country’s leading banks, insurers, retailers, and telcos.

For deeper insights on what factors are driving positive and negative digital experiences across South Africa’s major industries – download the full report

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