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South African ISP Sentiment Report img

South African ISP Sentiment Index


  • Key metrics:

  • -41.2%

    Industry Net Sentiment

  • 9.4%

    Highest Net Sentiment: Supersonic

  • 29.2%

    Most spoken about ISP (share of voice): Afrihost

DataEQ has published its second South African ISP Sentiment Index, revealing how seven of the country’s data-only internet service providers compare in the eyes of consumers.

Despite some positive campaigns, South African consumers expressed significant negativity towards ISPs, with an average industry Net Sentiment of -41.2% making it SA’s least liked industry.

SA ISP Index Net Sentiment Chart

Focus of the index:

  • Why is Supersonic SA’s most loved ISP?
  • Why are ISP’s SA’s most disliked industry?
  • What topics are driving customer complaints towards ISPs?
  • How influential are campaigns in driving positivity?

Find ISP rankings, response rates and times in the full report

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