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Market conduct

Comply with regulatory requirements using comprehensive social complaint reporting

DataEQ’s Market Conduct solution delivers comprehensive and automated conduct reporting for financial services using social media conversation. The principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) are being enforced in new outcomes-focused market conduct rules, and many of these TCF-related complaints are lodged by customers on social media. To help with compliance, this solution identifies every TCF-related mention contained in your online conversation.

Find all of your Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) conversation on social media

By identifying all of your conduct related conversations online, financial service organisations are better positioned to demonstrate to regulatory authorities that fair outcomes are proactively and consistently delivered.

Improved market conduct monitoring and reporting

DataEQ has developed a market conduct view that maps your online social media conversation to the market conduct framework set out by the regulator. The market conduct view provides an early warning of possible TCF issues and feeds back accurate data to advance internal reporting and improve the experience of your customers.

A new early warning system for quick identification of conduct issues

Mapping conversations to the six TCF outcomes and complaints categories set out by the regulator allows DataEQs to alert you to complaints. This allows compliance teams to timeously prioritise and address conduct complaints before they are lodged with complaints authorities.

Map your organisational standards to the regulator’s TCF outcomes

Market Conduct clients are also able to report on their internal organisational conduct standards and risk categories, including mapping internal standards to TCF outcomes.



Analyse is a powerful insight and analytics tool used to monitor, measure, and benchmark your market conduct performance. Analyse users can create custom interactive dashboards and explore their data with a broad section of visualisations and metrics, including mapping conversation to the regulatory framework.


Comply with new regulatory requirements
from social media data

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