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The Shoprite Group place the customer first using social media data

DataEQ’s Analyse platform used by multiple business units to benchmark performance and identify pain points that require intervention.

Social media data has helped the Shoprite Group of Companies to maintain an edge in South Africa’s highly competitive retail landscape. Since 2016, the group has been using DataEQ’s Analyse platform and human-verified data to benchmark performance in the market and identify customer pain points that require a quick course correction.

DataEQ’s reports compiled by data analysts have been key in shaping strategy across a number of the Group’s business units including marketing, operations, CSI, customer experience, corporate communications and rewards team.

Placing the customer first has been central to innovation at the Shoprite Group. DataEQ’s data provides volunteered and up-to-date read of consumer sentiment and customer feedback, that we’ve not been able to generate using other backwards looking satisfaction metrics. This rich data has been especially critical in the rollout of our new rewards programme.

Natalie Denovan, Digital Brand Manager at Shoprite
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