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10 October 2019

Risk. Purchase. Cancel. Service.

New tags. Same accurate data. More value.

A word from the CEO

I am thrilled to share the details of DataEQ’s new positioning with you. After more than ten years in the market, we are making a significant change to our offering. This is a shift in the way that we view and deliver data to you, to demonstrate, more than ever, its benefit on your bottom-line.

We are prioritising your most valuable customer interactions by introducing four new tags to your data. These tags will ensure that you extract the maximum value from the data you purchase. Their prioritised order: Risk, Purchase, Cancel and Service, is captured in everything we do: from the visualisation of mentions in our Analyse and Engage platforms through to our new logo.

DataEQ is no longer just a powerful tool with a variety of applications, but a refined set of three solutions, powered by two software platforms, that can be used by Customer Experience, Market Conduct and Customer Service teams. We are confident that the introduction of these tags will help our clients to mitigate risk, win new customers, improve retention, and better service their customers.

Jean Pierre Kloppers, Group Chief Executive

Transitioning to a new logo

Prioritise every consumer conversation for Risk, Purchase, Cancel, Service.

Your customers and stakeholders use social media and other digital channels to talk about their experiences with your products, services and people. Not all of this data is critical to your bottom-line. DataEQ identifies and delivers the most important conversations. Our prioritisation of the most important data enables real-time risk mitigation, improved retention & acquisition rates, and superior customer experience.

Four new tags that prioritise high-value interactions

Not all of the online conversation that you receive requires your attention or a response. Some customer interactions are of higher value. To ensure that you prioritise the most valuable customer interactions, we have introduced four new tags to our data: Risk, Purchase, Cancel and Service. These tags will save you time and money, directing you to the conversation, from within all of the social media noise, that’s high risk or requires an urgent response.

Risk. Purchase. Cancel. Service. venn diagram Diagram illustrates the connectedness of the four tags and their relative volumes

  • Risk
    Mentions that pose an immediate risk or relate to a regulatory framework (eg. TCF)

  • Purchase
    Mentions from a prospective customer who wants to purchase your product or service

  • Cancel
    Mentions from a customer looking to cancel their service or not buy from you again

  • Service
    Mentions from a customer that require service or describe their experience

Three refined solutions powered by two powerful platforms

The introduction of our new prioritised tags informs our three solutions: Customer Experience, Market Conduct and Customer Service.

Customer Experience

Boost loyalty and optimise retention with real-time customer journey mapping


The Customer Experience solution processes a sample of your conversation data. It uses DataEQ’s Analyse platform, a powerful insights and analytics tool.

Measure your customer experience performance with Net Sentiment, an aggregated and real-time customer satisfaction metric that is a critical component in the quest for an authentic and complete voice-of-customer measurement framework. Net Sentiment score is calculated by collecting only the Purchase, Cancel and Service conversation and then subtracting negative from positive mentions.

Example metric of Net Sentiment measured over time Example metric of Net Sentiment measured over time

The Customer Experience solution categorises your conversation by customer journey stages, channels and touchpoints. This allows you to understand customer feedback in relation to the customer lifecycle and monitor sentiment by journey stage. Channel mapping allows you to assess customer interactions with particular touchpoints, such as call centres and mobile apps. The Journey stages and channel maps have been designed to ensure consistent monitoring, reporting and benchmarking over time, against competitors, and across regions.

Customer journey and value tags

DataEQ’s proprietary Topic analysis gives you a granular understanding of the specific topics affecting customer sentiment. Our Topic schemas are standardised per industry for consistent benchmarking and reporting. With these deeper qualitative insights you’re able to conduct root cause analysis of the issues that require action in the customer journey.

Banking topic wheel

Topics, channel and journey intersection

Market Conduct

Mitigate high impact risks and improve regulatory reporting


To identify high impact risks, the Market Conduct solution processes all of your conversation data, and includes all of the data in the Customer Experience solution. It uses DataEQ’s Analyse platform, a powerful insights and analytics tool.

The Market Conduct solution identifies every risk-related mention contained in all of your online conversation. While only a few of these high-risk mentions exist in your overall conversation, when they do occur, they can cause significant and lasting damage to your organisation. We identify and prioritise the risks that require your urgent attention in order to increase proactive interventions and reduced escalations. High-risk mentions are typically of a legal, ethical or political nature.

By surfacing the mentions that relate to regulatory frameworks, such as Treating Customers Fairly, you’re able to improve adherence to market conduct regulations and reporting requirements.

Market conduct tags

Customer Service

Improve customer value, retention and acquisition with prioritised customer service


To locate all of the customers requiring a response from your teams, the Customer Service solution processes all of your conversation data, and includes all of the data in the Market Conduct and Customer Experience solutions. Our social customer care platform, Engage, is used to respond to your customers and our Analyse tool can be used to measure and report on the teams’ performance.

Our Engage platform makes use of the Risk, Purchase, Cancel and Service tags to optimise and prioritise the customer care workflow. This means that the customer-facing agents can focus on serving the customer and do not have to worry about finding the important tickets in a messy queue. This leads to improved response and resolution rates and ultimately a reduced cost-to-serve. Your service teams are able to react to opportunities, risks and customer service requests in real-time, improving the acquisition and retention rate, reducing the cost of winning or saving a customer and building brand loyalty with responsive and proactive service.

In-app screenshot of the Engage platform depicts our prioritized ticketing workflow In-app screenshot of the Engage platform depicts our prioritized ticketing workflow

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