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African Bank adopts customer-centric approach on social media

Keeping up the promise of continual innovation, African Bank deployed a pioneering approach to optimise their customer service efforts on social media. This renewed focus on digital customer service comes just five years after the bank relaunched.

African Bank’s strategy is in line with a broader digital shift, wherein social media platforms are utilised less as a marketing tool, and more as customer service touchpoints. DataEQ’s social customer service platform, Engage, optimises workflow in this regard, identifying priority posts that require an urgent response, and routing these to the relevant operations agent in the team.

Improved response rate

Since fully implementing the tool on both Facebook and Twitter in July, African Bank’s operations agents have managed to sustain a stellar response rate well above 90%. A point of comparison is the industry public Twitter headpost response rate for the same period, which was only 57.7%. African bank response rate

Improved response time following Engage implementation

In addition to improving response rate, African Bank also managed to cut down on agent response times. After fully implementing Engage, the average monthly wait for a first response dropped down to just 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Quicker response time following Engage implementation African bank response time

As part of our digital-first strategy, African Bank is ensuring we have the systems in place to meet the growing demand of social media customer service. The Engage platform has played a pivotal role in this strategy. Operations agents are now able to prioritise the posts that are most urgent, and respond to customers faster than competitor banks.

Eloise Boezak, Customer Experience Transformation