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DHL delivers service excellence with DataEQ’s Engage solution

Responsive social customer service key to couriers’ omnichannel success

Customer-centricity has always been paramount to DHL’s longstanding success. As the global leader in express logistics, it has consistently delivered seamless and responsive service to its customers across a range of touchpoints. While digital transformation over the years has steadily increased demand from customers seeking support on digital channels, including social media, the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown accelerated digital adoption at a rapid pace.

To ensure that the company was fully equipped to deal with the rising number of online queries and increased volume of social conversation, DHL implemented DataEQ’s social customer service tool, Engage, to deliver responsive service on social media.

Improvement in response time and rate

Within four weeks of using Engage’s prioritised ticketing system, DHL was able to notably decrease the average weekly time it took to respond to customers in need. In addition to speeding up response time, DHL also saw a marked improvement in response rate.

This improvement was achieved despite the company’s volume of social media conversation growing by more than 45% over the four-week period.

"DataEQ Engage enables us to deliver responsive service to our customers on their preferred channel, wherever they are in the customer journey. While social media has always been a key marketing and communications channel for DHL, DataEQ has helped us harness the ability to provide customer service in a timely and efficient manner. Engage finds, prioritises and delivers the most important tickets, saving our agents’ time and empowering them to resolve queries quickly.”

Mahendra Beharie, Vice President Customer Services, Sub-saharan Africa