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Liberty makes better decisions by listening to customers online

As one of South Africa’s leading insurance and asset management firms, Liberty Holdings is continuously looking to improve customer-centricity with new sources of actionable insights. As more financial services consumers take to social media to share their experiences, Liberty sought to accurately incorporate this volunteered feedback into their decision-making. In 2018, it began using DataEQ’s human-verified social media analysis and Net Sentiment metric.

Since then, DataEQ has provided the insurer with monthly social insights reports prepared by our team of dedicated analysts. These reports identify emerging market trends, customer pain points and benchmark performance against competitors. Liberty uses DataEQ’s analytics platform, Analyse to monitor customer feedback and Net Sentiment performance in real-time.

"DataEQ’s reports and Analyse platform have helped us improve Liberty’s goal to place the customer at the heart of our business decisions. The Crowd-verified data provides a rich source of consumer feedback that we would not ordinarily be able to collect from traditional research methods. By listening to what our customers are saying online, we’ve been able to make continuous improvements across the business, from customer journey to marketing campaigns. The Net Sentiment metric has allowed us to consistently and easily measure the impact of our interventions and decisions as we continuously strive to know and understand our customers better."

Karen Denny
Divisional Executive, Digital Marketing