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X leverages DataEQ insights to analyse Saudi cultural trends

In a quest to gain deeper cultural insight into the rapidly evolving Saudi Arabian market, X, formerly Twitter, partnered with DataEQ to analyse key themes in the conversations of Saudis online. The themes examined were identity; tech; environment/sustainability; spirituality; fandom; creator culture; and wellbeing.

82.2 million Tweets were collected over a two-year period from 1 August 2019 to 31 August 2021, with a high portion of conversation containing the identity and wellbeing themes. This data was collected using an extensive list of Arabic keywords which was collaboratively developed.

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By leveraging DataEQ’s regional experience and strong data analysis capabilities, X identified a list of priority topics per theme. These topics were then sent to DataEQ’s Crowd – a group of trained and vetted Arabic-speaking contributors – for further analysis.

In this study, the Crowd verifications included sentiment and classification tags applied to the data, which requires an additional layer of human interpretation to help uncover specific insights.

The Saudi market is rapidly making the transition from a conservative society into a more diversified and digitally-enabled economy. DataEQ’s analysis enabled a deeper understanding of what matters to Saudi Arabians, and the role that X plays as a driver and reflection of culture.

Partnering with DataEQ and their experienced Arabic analysts has enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the Saudi market. Given the high volumes of Arabic data and the diverse range of themes under examination, DataEQ’s Crowd-enhanced methodology played a pivotal role in uncovering valuable insight – a crucial component to pair with AI tools.

Lisa Cowie, Head of Agency Research at Twitter

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