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DataEQ launches AI insights co-pilot

Artificial intelligence (AI) integration is nothing new to DataEQ’s product set. From natural language processing (NLP) for sentiment analysis to machine learning-powered risk alerts, we’ve used the power of this technology for years. Our Crowd platform is one of the largest data labelling platforms in the world – creating millions of accurately structured training data points a month.

With the recent advancements in generative AI, we’re now using ChatGPT by OpenAI to seamlessly summarise and surface insights within our analytics platform, Analyse.

This allows users to access instant roundups of social mentions, conversation threads, and trending themes, unlocking a whole new level of sophistication to the platform’s data analytics capabilities.

Conversation thread summaries

The AI Co-pilot provides instant summaries that give users a solid understanding of the conversation around each individual post. It’s never been easier to understand the context around a particular mention, get on top of a press item or understand what consumers are saying about a brand.

DataEQ Generative AI Explore Panel dashboard

Interactive mention summaries

Whether it’s the last week or day of data, randomly selected mentions, or mentions focused on a specific theme, users are now able to summarise mentions selected by a filter. These summaries are fully interactive, allowing users to click on any highlighted topics to drill as far down into mentions as they wish to go.

DataEQ Generative AI Mentions Dashboard

Thematic report roundups

When users are working on their custom interactive dashboards, they can now use the AI Co-pilot to click through on charts and mentions to get additional insights and qualitative summaries.

DataEQ Generative AI Reports Panel Dashboard

Who can use it?

The new AI Co-pilot feature is immediately available for all users of DataEQ’s Analyse platform. If you’re not an Analyse user yet, you can request a free product demo and see everything we’ve spoken about in action.

What’s next?

In terms of AI-powered projects we’ve been working on, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned to find out what else we’ve got in store.