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DataEQ’s Governance Solution

For a full breakdown of the solution and its capabilities visit our Governance page.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Governance Solution, a comprehensive offering designed to address the integrated areas of market conduct, risk, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. 

This pioneering solution marks a significant milestone as it is the first in the industry to leverage massive unstructured data sources, including social media, to provide a structured approach to managing risk and reputation, ensuring compliance, and enhancing sustainability efforts.

Conduct: Ensuring clarity and fairness in financial services

This aspect of the solution focuses on monitoring and reporting all conduct-related conversations on social media. With financial regulators increasingly demanding clear communication, appropriate products, and timely support for consumers, our solution leverages unstructured data to provide comprehensive and automated conduct reporting. It is built to accommodate various regulatory frameworks, including the Twin Peaks model and the UK's new Consumer Duty, ensuring that financial service organisations can demonstrate fair outcomes consistently.

Risk: Identifying and mitigating potential threats

The Governance Solution excels in identifying potential and emerging threats that could impact a company's operational efficiency, profitability, or public standing. Through advanced tagging and real-time alerts, we enable companies to prioritise responses to risk alerts effectively. This early warning system is crucial for mitigating potential crises before they escalate, providing granular insights for root cause analysis.

ESG: Tracking and optimising sustainability efforts

Finally, the ESG component helps businesses navigate the complex landscape of sustainability. By tracking and measuring online conversations about environmental, social, and governance issues, we offer a real-time, data-driven perspective on public sentiment towards sustainability efforts. The solution includes an early warning system for ESG risks and a unified ESG score for comprehensive measurement and reporting, aiding companies in tailoring their future sustainability initiatives.

This industry-first solution not only includes diverse data sources like social media but also integrates the various crucial aspects of governance into a single, effective framework. By harnessing the power of AI combined with human intelligence, we are setting new standards in how companies manage risk, ensure compliance, and promote sustainability.

We invite all clients and partners to familiarise themselves with the features and benefits of the Governance Solution and to participate in upcoming training sessions. This is not just a milestone for DataEQ but a leap forward for the industry.