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Ethnicity classifier data insights

We have recently introduced the ability to analyse conversation data based on the author’s “race” (ethnic group), as defined by the South African census. This is an optional addition to the DataEQ platform.

“The intention of this classification is to help brands and researchers better understand the attitudes and concerns of different demographic groups within South Africa,” says JP Kloppers, DataEQ CEO.

“While ethnicity is not always a good indication of socio-economic status or culture, it can give an indication of whether the brand is reaching a diverse audience or not. Combining this with other demographic metrics offers a well rounded view of the South African consumer.”

How to get the most out of the classifier:

  • Analyse conversation themes per group and identify major areas of concern for your business
  • Understand breakdown of volume, authors and other metrics between demographic segments
  • Overlay existing demographic data such as gender to get a broader understanding of your customer

For more information on this and other upcoming product releases, get in touch with the DataEQ team.