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Irish Insurance Sentiment Index


Key metrics


Industry Net Sentiment


Industry response rate


Net Sentiment towards claims 

To gain a greater understanding of the key themes within the largely untapped pool of social media data, PwC have collaborated with DataEQ to analyse the consumer sentiment toward the Irish insurance industry.

This index tracks over 85 000 social media mentions from the period of May 2022 to June 2023. These mentions were then processed using DataEQ’s unique Crowd and AI technology. The findings reveal an overall positive Net Sentiment towards the industry, however there is a lot of detail to unpack behind this figure.

Report includes:

  • Net Sentiment performance (overall, reputational and operational)
  • Cross market analysis (Ireland, UK and South Africa)
  • Customer experience
  • Customer service (response rate and time)
  • Claims performance
  • Reputation and risk analysis

For more information on what factors are driving customer experience & service towards Ireland's  leading insurers – download the full report