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Saudi Arabian Banking Index img

Saudi Arabian Banking Sentiment Index


  • Key metrics:

  • -12.1%

    Industry Net Sentiment

  • -2.3%

    Net Sentiment top performer: Alinma Bank

  • 73%

    Industry response rate

DataEQ has published its inaugural Saudi Arabian Banking Sentiment Index, revealing how five of the Kingdom’s major banks compare in the eyes of consumers on social media.

The five Saudi banks included in the analysis are Bank Albilad, Al Rajhi Bank, Alinma Bank, Riyad Bank and Saudi National Bank

The index tracked over 697 849 public tweets mentioning these banks for the period from 1 May - 31 July 2022. These posts were then processed using DataEQ’s unique Crowd and AI technology.

Overall, consumers had a negative experience with their banks, with an industry average Net Sentiment score of -12.1%. Alinma Bank was the most positively spoken about bank with a Net Sentiment of -2.3% almost 10 percentage points higher than the industry aggregate.

For more information on what factors are driving customer experience & service towards Saudi Arabia’s leading banks – download the full report

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