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Customer experience

Boost loyalty and optimise retention with real-time customer journey mapping

DataEQ’s Customer Experience offering is an insights-based solution, helping you to identify areas of friction and opportunity in your customer journey. The solution uses the Purchase, Cancel and Service tags which help identify actionable opportunities for improvement.

Measure your customer experience performance with Net Sentiment.

Net Sentiment is an aggregated and real-time customer satisfaction metric that is a critical component in the quest for an authentic and complete voice-of-customer measurement framework. Net Sentiment is calculated by collecting only the Purchase, Cancel and Service conversation and then subtracting all negative from positive mentions.

Operational feedback distilled for CX

Using human insight (see our methodology), we separate the customer experience conversation from the reputational conversation. Root cause analysis requires this separation of PR and marketing efforts from the business operations data that affects customer experience. This division ensures that your reading of CX performance is not skewed by marketing efforts, and vice versa.

Map your social media conversation to the customer journey

Your online conversation is categorised by customer journey stages, channels and touchpoints. This allows you to understand customer feedback in relation to the customer lifecycle and monitor sentiment by journey stage.

Channel mapping allows you to assess customer interactions with particular touchpoints, such as call centres and mobile apps. The journey stages and channel maps have been designed to ensure consistent monitoring, reporting and benchmarking over time, against competitors, and across regions.

Granular insights for root cause analysis

DataEQ’s proprietary Topic analysis gives you a granular understanding of the specific topics affecting customer sentiment. Our Topic schemas are standardised per industry for consistent benchmarking and reporting. With these deeper qualitative insights, you’re able to conduct root cause analysis of the issues that require action in the customer journey.



Analyse is a powerful insights and analytics tool used to monitor, measure, and benchmark your customer experience performance. Analyse users can create custom interactive dashboards and explore their data with a broad section of visualisations and metrics. These include real-time sentiment and volume over time, customer journey mapping, and co-occurrence of conversation topics.


Keep your finger on the pulse of public sentiment
to deliver superior customer experience

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