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Customer Service

React in real-time to acquire new customers, reduce churn, and optimise service workflow

DataEQ’s Customer Service solution helps you to react to opportunities, risks, and service requests in real-time. By prioritising tickets based on their urgency and importance, the solution reduces social noise and improves response rate with an optimised customer care workflow.

Optimised workflow for better response rate and reduced cost-to-serve

We find your customers who need service first. Our proprietary prioritisation method allows your customer-facing agents to focus on serving the customer and not have to worry about finding the important tickets in a messy queue. This leads to improved response and resolution rates and a reduced cost-to-serve.

A powerful social customer service platform

The Customer Service solution processes all of your conversation data. Our social customer care platform, Engage, is used to respond to your customers and our Analyse tool can be used to measure and report on the teams’ service performance.

React in real-time to acquire new customers and reduce churn

No more missed sales and retention opportunities. Your service teams are able to react to opportunities, risks and customer service requests in real-time. This improves acquisition and retention rate, reducing the cost of winning or saving a customer and building brand loyalty with responsive and proactive service.

Unparalleled accuracy driven by human insights

Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely on keyword matching and follower counts to prioritise customer interactions. DataEQ’s combination of AI and human intelligence enables a granular understanding of customer needs. All of your social media conversations are tagged by our Crowd of contributors, using human insight to assess its relevance, meaning, and priority level.



Engage is a social customer service platform for reacting to opportunities, risks and customer service requests in real-time. Based on our prioritisation of the most important conversations, Engage optimises your customer care workflow. Your customer-facing agents can now focus on serving customers without worrying about finding the important tickets in a messy queue.


One platform to respond to requests from multiple channels

One platform to respond to requests from multiple channels

  • Data is pre-screened and prioritised to reduce the load on your team
  • Direct message support for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp
  • Platforms supported: Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp
  • Unlimited users and social handles

Optimised workflow for better response rate

Optimised workflow for better response rate

  • Personalise ticket feeds for specialised team members based on location, language or advanced custom searches
  • Upload handles of priority customers like premium members and ensure they are handled timeously
  • View customer history and read notes on previous customer interactions
  • Tickets are grouped by author

Benefits of DataEQ

Benefits of DataEQ

  • Tailored onboarding and dedicated support from a local team
  • Full access to DataEQ Analyse - a powerful analytics platform
  • Human-verified prioritisation of all mentions requiring response
  • Pricing is dependent on the volumes of your inbound customer mentions

Case study

DHL improves response rate and time with Crowd prioritised workflow

Within four weeks of using Engage’s prioritised ticketing system, DHL was able to notably decrease the average weekly time it took to respond to customers in need. In addition to speeding up response time, DHL also saw a marked improvement in response rate. This improvement was achieved despite the company’s volume of social media conversation growing by more than 45% over the four-week period.

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